Laura Shepherd in Concert

An Acoustic Encounter

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March 19, 2014

7:00 PM




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The Studio@620 welcomes the return of Laura Shepherd, a unique vocalist and musician on Wednesday March 19th at 7:00 PM. All seats $10.

Laura Shepherd’s songwriting combines a down to earth spirit with an international worldview. Born in Paris, she‘s traveled the world from diplomatic circles in Geneva, to the dirt roads of South America. Currently residing in Florida.

With her hands in the earth, she has worked 20 years in Fredericksburg Va. founding an organic non-profit. She’ll tell you “When a root breaks it makes a certain sound.” She listens. It shows.

 When Laura Shepherd arrives, mandolin on her back, she changes the world and your way of looking at it. Laura casts a musical spell that inspires and entertains, proving that it really is; "how you think about it, not what just happens to be.”

Her songs are original and her lyrics deliver. The skill that sets her apart from the singer songwriter pack is the way her themes dig below the surface and speak directly to the heart of the human experience. Laura has amassed a wide repertoire of music that is sweetly suitable for the littlest ones, and holds a deep and poignant message for the sagest among us.

Intimate and entertaining acoustic shows (without amplification), are one of Laura's specialties. Weaving stories around her songs she provides an immersive context, drawing the listener in, making the music accessible, personal, and meaningful. Whether in a large venue or a small house concert, the experience of a live show is not to be missed.