KITE 2020

Call to Artists

Date(s) & Times

Deadline to Apply is Feb. 14, 2020

Exhibit Opens Apr. 11, 2020


No Charge to Enter


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The KITE 2020 show will be co-curated by Fahan Sky McDonagh & Drayton Callison. KITE will be a collection of experiences throughout the duration of the show from the opening event, to kite building workshops, a kite fly in the park, a poetry night and more. Submissions from interested p articipants are now being accepted for consideration.
Entries should consider/reflect these themes:
What is a Kite: a light frame covered with some thin material, to be flown in the wind at the end of a long string.
But could it be more than that?
A kite seems to live at the edge of a dream. There is a bit of magic in this connection between sky and earth. That magic is experienced through kiting.
Conceptually, a kite can conjure childhood nostalgia, a feeling of lightness or a moment of Zen for the flyer. What is a kite to YOU? We are searching for artists who want to experiment with the notion of a kite, the materiality that is possible/or impossible, the emotional response to the experience, what lies at the edge of a dream.

All forms of art and materials will be considered: fabric, paper, ceramic, concrete, steel, glass, photography, performance, painting, drawing, poetry, video, etc.

Artist's Submission info:

Each artist may submit up to two pieces for consideration. Several shots of each piece may be submitted to accurately portray your work. If a new idea will be built for the show, we will need a written description and drawing with dimensions. The following info must be included with each submitted piece:

1. Artist name along with any collaborating artists.
2. Title of piece
3. A short description of piece
4. Dimensions and year made.
5. Suggested Retail Value

*Selected artists will also be asked to submit an artist bio/statement and a head or working shot for promotional purposes.

Please email submissions to with KITE SUBMISSION in the subject line by 2/14/20 for consideration.

The show will be on display until 4/25.  Unsold work will be picked up by the artists on 4/27

You will be notified of your selection by 3/1/20.
All works are required to arrive in properly packed boxes or crates by 4/2/2020 to:

Attn: Kite Show
620 1st Ave South
St. Petersburg, FL

Selected artists are responsible for transport to and from the gallery. All artworks must arrive with a paid return label for shipping.

Chosen works may be available for sale or just for show. A 40% commission will be granted to the gallery upon the sale of any available work.

All accepted submissions must be received no later than 4/2/2020

Kindest Regards,

Drayton Callison
Instagram @worlds_greatest_kiting

Fahan Sky McDonagh
Instagram @fsmcdonagh or fahanskymcdonagh