Infinite Third

Ambient Installation Series

Date(s) & Times

March 16, 2017

7:00 PM



Donations Accepted



Red Circle Sponsors: Bill and Hazel Hough

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Billy Mays III, the St. Petersburg-based artist under the name Infinite Third, is launching his Ambient Installation Series in February 2017. He will be cultivating his signature improvisational soundscapes in diverse spaces all around the St. Pete and Tampa Bay. This is the March reception of Infinite Third's Ambient Installation Series. There will be local beverages on tap as well as other featured local creators sharing their work.

Billy Mays III is currently on a mission to "inhabit" diverse local spaces for hours at a time to explore his improvisational ambient guitar craft. He is asking visitors to consider bringing a book, notebook, sketchbook, comfortable pillow, camera, or anything else that would help you interact with the living installation in a way that's personally meaningful to you.

Within each installation, the public will have the unique opportunity to experience this versatile musician as he embodies one of his missions; to perform outside the traditional concert blueprint, offering a vulnerable look into his creative process.