Here and There

Group Photography Exhibit

Date(s) & Times

March 10-31, 2017

Gallery Hours by Appointment

Opening Reception Friday March 10, 2017
6-9 PM

Second Saturday Art Walk March 11, 2017
5-9 PM




Red Circle Sponsors: Bill and Hazel Hough

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"Here and There" brings together six local photographers at various stages in their careers, exploring a wide range of styles and subjects both at home and abroad. This diverse collection features vast landscapes, intimate spaces, spiritual travelogue, playful portraiture, unintentional paintings, and lazy afternoons.

Photographers include:
Karen Kommer
Benjamin Ross Duensing
Laura Dante
Kevin Damphouse
Kéra Holzinger
Lenore Duensing


Karen Kommer

Karen Kommer is a lifelong independent professional creator of images. She is a graduate of The Hague School of Photography, a department of the Royal Academy of Art, in The Netherlands. She has had numerous solo and joint exhibitions in various venues in Europe, Canada and the United States.

She has produced images for magazines such as Elle and Marie Claire, book illustrations and covers, documentaries for museums and artists. She is contributor to The Polaroid Collection and her work appears in and on the cover of the worldwide Taschen publicationThe Polaroid Collection.

Karen assisted in the production of animation films and coined the term and business “Colimage”, (Collage-Image), based on these techniques. These creative images were commissioned and used in more than 2000 publications.

Her current subjects of exploration are extensions of her lifelong interests in people and their funny habits and creations, and the spiritual inspiration that is revealed in the nature creation of the Earth and Sun Light. She is now combining these creative interests by developing her creative technique digitally to produce black/white/color compositions such as those in this Studio 620 Exhibition.

Benjamin Duensing

By avocation, Ben is a wanderer, photographer, painter, and jewelry maker. Raised as a Quaker, he often refers to himself as a “peaceful warrior.” By vocation, he has been designing and selling high-end shoes for the last seventeen years. In the spring, he will be opening the Sunbeam General Store, in Frenchtown, New Jersey—a shop where people can buy a host of river-related products, organic foods, and art; and, a place where artists, musicians, and other forward thinking folks can gather.


Laura Dante

Laura graduated Cum Laude from The Savannah College of Art and Design, with a degree in photography. Shortly after graduation she moved to New York City to pursue her career as a commercial photographer. She became the first assistant and studio manager for Joyce Tenneson where she learned the business side and beauty of fine art portrait photography. After her time with Tenneson she was hired on at Doyle New York, a leading auction house in the city. While with Doyle, Laura flourished in the studio shooting their auction catalogues, advertisements, and covers for several years. She has a deep seeded love for product photography as her father was an Ad Man at Ted Bates in the ’60s but she knew that there was more to explore while beginning her career. She left Doyle with confidence that the world of freelance was her next step. Her first solo gig was to shoot the jewelry catalogue for Bonham’s New York. Everything seemed to fall into place for Laura in New York City. She began shooting architectural interiors for major designers and stagers, and in 2009 joined the VHT Studios team.

Laura saw every nook and cranny of the “big city” shooting for VHT and grew to love the challenge that was now an unexpected turn in her journey. After 10 years of the hustle she moved to Florida to change her pace and is now based out of the Tampa Bay area. Laura brought her intense NYC style work ethic down to Florida and is eager to share her passion and excitement for photography.

Some of Laura’s publications include The New York Times, Vogue, Art and Auction, and The Brooklyn Eagle.



Kevin Damphouse

A native of Ontario, Canada, Kevin Damphouse spent his formative years in Vancouver, BC, where he discovered and expanded his passion for photography. To Kevin, photography allows him to unconsciously display external experiences that mirror his own internal state. He feels the art can be a bridge into the human psyche and connects with people through their own interpretation of his work. Kevin recently moved to St. Petersburg and has had an instant connection to its people and energy. He would like to thank Bob Devin Jones and the Studio@620 for saying yes to hosting his first show in his new hometown, and to his husband (the other) Kevin for his love and support.



Kéra Holzinger

Kéra Holzinger is a St. Petersburg based photographer specializing in editorial and photo-journalistic imagery. With formal training in photo-journalistic techniques, Kéra offers a wide variety of ways to tell a visual story. Growing up in nature and developing a yogi heart, Kéra constantly finds herself pulled in the direction of creating unique imagery using natural foliage and light; including earthly elements wherever she can. Kéra currently works as a professional wedding photographer in the Tampa Bay area.


Lenore “Lennie” Duensing

I use photography as one of my art forms—as a way of capturing images of people, places, and things that bring me joy, fuel my imagination, enliven my senses, and keep my sense of wonder alive. Simply put: I take photos of subjects that make me go “ooh and aah” and hope they will do the same for others. These days, I get the most pleasure out of photographing nature; unintentional works of art (that just happen on old walls and surfaces); musicians and dancers doing their thing; and, not-posed portraits of people doing what they love to do. I also use my photographs to tell stories about my adventures in real or imaginary lands and as a journal that lets me revisit the people, places, and events that have given my life meaning.