Halloween & Day of the Dead Handmade Arts Bazaar

Date(s) & Times

October 21, 2017

11 AM-5 PM





Red Circle Sponsors: Mark and Wendy Durand

The St. Pete Craft Heroes

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Our little monster is turning two! Join us for the second annual HAUNTIZAAR on Saturday October 21, 2017 from 11 AM -5 PM. You'll find amazing creations of the creepy variety, from artwork to jewelry to costume accessories! Plus you never know when a witch might fly past, so keep your eyes open while you're at the show!

Announcing the Hauntizaar 2017 Vendors:

Amber Leilani Art, Armillata Design, Arte de Perla, Calamity Kim, Cottontail Vintage, The Crafty Hag, Floating Woods Farm, Freak Show Follies, Evan Gatscher, Jenny Hague, I Am So Not Cool, Irma Gerd Arts, Je Taime Masks, Louise's Calendula Salve, Monstirs, Moon Counsel Astrology, Natty Moss Bond, October Oddities, Oppa Snout Designs, Organic Flame Ceramics, Our Lady of Perpetual Pickles, Patrice Pfeiffer, Phoenix Fire Designs, Robinina, Tangible Labs, Willow Hollow Creations, and Brenda Wren.