Grief to Gratitude

The Art of Sharon Britton

Date(s) & Times

April 13-20, 2013

Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 12-4 PM

Artists Reception: Saturday April 13, 2013 @ 6-9 PM


Free and open to the public.


Susan Beaven

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The Studio@620 welcomes emerging artist Sharon Britton as she presents some of her most recent work. "Grief to Gratitude" consists of a series of paintings and will be on display April 13-20, 2013 with an artists reception on Saturday April 13 from 6-9 PM. Gallery Hours are Tuesday-Saturday 12-4 PM.
Artists Statement

I am a painter who believes there is an artist inside everyone seeking to express his or her own unique impressions of the various inputs of our reality, how we view our individual experiences in a shared world. I see my art as a continuing abstract self-portrait. After I create the pieces and meditate on them, they seem to illuminate some aspect of my life. 

I believe that we are all on a personal and a collective Road to Ahimsa -- a road to nonviolence, both physical violence and violence of the mind. We are at once living alone and in partnership. We must achieve Ahimsa on both levels, working from inside the individual and spreading it outward to mankind. I was honored to give a talk about how painting influenced my world views at TampaBay Tedx2012. 

Where I am on my path right now is on a road to finding gratitude in the face of extreme personal challenges -- a test we all face at some point as travelers in life. The show at Studio 620 will express aesthetically my views of this stage in my journey.

I am also an attorney, having practiced law in New York City for twelve years and now here in Tampa. I attended college at the American University and law school at the Georgetown University Law Center, graduating both with honors. This career has led me to the belief that we, the people, make the rules in this life. If there is something we do not like, we must paint a different picture.