Giving Voice

A Benefit Dance Performance by Synchrony

Date(s) & Times

January 17-18, 2013

7:00 PM

Thursday and Friday


General Admission $15 / Students and Senior Admission $10



Lynda Stolzman

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The Studio@620 welcomes Synchrony dance troupe as they present a benefit performance on behalf of CASA on January 17-18, 2012 at 7:00 PM

Synchrony, St. Pete’s own modern and interpretive dance troupe, was founded in 2012 by Rose Stauffer, Michelle Fender and Missy Feathers.  All three dancers are students of Nia, a dance form combining various modalities of movement.  Their vision for a performance group grew out of the joy found in the ability to move the body freely, at it’s own natural pace and time, and to share this experience with others in a way that inspires and heals.

Synchrony will perform their first project entitled “Giving Voice”, an hour long modern dance performance depicting the journey that moves a person beyond trauma and abuse.  The 8 pieces in this original work track the process from innocence and initiation,  to wounding, living the lie, then making a decision to heal and survive.   Giving Voice II is a tribute to those who have found a way to heal and move on from personal trauma, pain and wounding.

Giving Voice was originally a solo dance performance conceived, created and performed by Rose Stauffer, and premiered in November of 2010 at the Pro Star Sound and Stage Studio in St. Petersburg.  It is now re-staged with additional dancers and musicians and offered to the local community via the supportive venue at Studio 620.

Giving Voice is available for bookings at charity events, conferences, and for educational purposes. For more information, or to book this show, go to  You can also call Rose Stauffer at 727-269-3343.  Synchrony is grateful to Hip Expressions Dance Studio for providing a warm and supportive space to create new works and rehearse.