Constellation by Andee Scott

A Dance Video Installation

Date(s) & Times

August 15-30, 2020


Live-stream dance performances will be August 8, 2020 at 11AM EDT on Facebook Live.
Video installation premieres in The Studio@620 windows on August 15, 2020.


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Get ready for something that you have probably not seen before...
Dancer/Choreographer Andee Scott has created a new dance concept and dubbed it "Constellation".
Just as the stars progress across the night sky over time, so do these dance performances happen across time zones. The real time dance performances will be shown via live-stream on The Studio@620 Facebook page on August 8, 2020 starting at 11AM Eastern Time. The resulting videos of these dances will be combined into a visual installation that will be shown on screens in The Studio@620 gallery windows to be watched by the community when passing by starting on August 15, 2020.


A socially distanced, multi-nodal dance performance

Concept and choreography/score: Andee Scott

Constellation is a live dance performance event + video installation that will be performed and viewed across multiple platforms/locations – both virtual and geographic – in four time zones. The event will be performed live by the dancers on August 8, 2020, from 11a-12p locally, in each US time zone. 

Each time zone is a “constellation,” each dancer/dance is a “star,” and the live performance of Constellation travels from east to west across North America, tracking like the stars move across the sky. 

Artist Statement
In this time of social distancing, intentional efforts to connect are vital to my sense of well-being. As an artist, specifically as a choreographer, I see this time of lockdown as a beautiful challenge, an opportunity to use my interest and ability in designing movement in space over time to re-make what it means to make a dance. As a queer person of color, I have heightened awareness of (seemingly) shifting perceptions of institutionalized systems and structures and feel possibilities opening to create work in ways that could not be imagined before now. I am focused on creating work locally that extends nationally and internationally, that values physicality, harmony, and connection, that travels over both space and time in order to build and reinforce an interstitial web of creativity, and at its heart, moves people, both inside and outside of the work.- Andee Scott

Photos courtesy of Charlotte Suarez

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