Black Cow Jumps - Immersive Theatre

A Banks Helfrich Creation

Date(s) & Times

May 14, 2017

3:00 PM




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Red Circle Sponsor: J. Crayton Pruitt Family Foundation

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…cathartic theater…
…immersive theater…
…an array of vignettes portraying life…
…vulnerable, open and present…
…musical, movement, narrative and honest…

Black Cow Jumps is an exploration of life through theater which flows from the absurd to the intimate. Three performers - vulnerable, open and present - present an array of original vignettes portraying a world honest to them. Music, performance art, storytelling, movement and the art of being drives Black Cow Jumps’ narrative.

This 70 minute presentation concludes with an open talkback where the audience can discover the process by which Black Cow Jumps creates.