A Beautiful Disaster

A Book Launch Celebration with Miesha Brundridge

Date(s) & Times

September 23, 2018

Poetry Reading at 7PM

Reception and Book Launch 5-9PM Sunday


Suggested Donation $10


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You're invited to a book launch and reading by local writer Miesha Brundridge. Enjoy the power of spoken word during this catered reception and purchase your very own copy of this first publication.

This is a passionate collection of free-verse poems written through a perspective that time, love, fate, pain, fear, and patience play characters in our lives. These characters teach us in life through heated experiences and give us nuggets of wisdom in self-reflections, once we listen! She wrote her lessons in poems.
Books will be available for purchase during the event.


I was born January 27, 1987. I am an identical twin. I have been writing since middle school, which I attended in the 1990s. I was raised in Polk County (Lakeland, Florida) until the age of twenty-one, when I decided to leave home and start my own journey. During my twenties I faced a lot of tough choices, learned lessons about love, and learned lessons about abuse that came in physical, mental, and emotional forms, but it was all the same: abuse. I find that writing has always been an outlet for me to express issues and concerns and even has helped me discover the real truth behind my overthinking of issues. Writing has helped me get through the days of Iraq, fear, tragedies, loss, and divorce.

My poetry memoir is my version of how life lessons have affected me thus far. I cannot be anyone else but me. My proudest life achievements include becoming a solider in the United States Army, in which I served from 2009 to 2015. I retired after close to six years of honorable military service. I was retired early because of a service-connected disability for which I’ve had two bilateral alignment surgeries. I have graduated from several colleges and hold a bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in criminal justice and a certification in crime scene technology. I have held careers in the Department of Juvenile

Justice and have also done work in the school system and a police agency. I held a brief internship as an evidence technician. I am currently finishing a second master’s degree, this one in forensic psychology.

I hope you enjoy this memoir. It gives me great pride to finally release it and present it. Thank you for your ears. Thank you for buying this book and supporting me. With this I give you a big chunk of myself. Take care of it. —A Beautiful Disaster