Art in the City

A Local Filmscreening

Date(s) & Times

June 26, 2018

7:00 PM




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Red Circle Sponsors: Norman and Mirella Smith

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Danny Greene (Cranstan Cumberbatch) , a homeless war veteran who suffers from P.T.S.D.Is in a fight for his life trying to survive living life homeless in the streets of St. Petersburg. Upon a chance encounter he meets Sandy (Stephanie Porto), a mysterious stranger who through her efforts helps him to see that " just because you're homeless doesn't mean you're poor", and from this meeting opens his eyes to a different level of homelessness, his talent to do Art, and love. Now, Danny must make a decision on taking a leap of faith in trying to change his quality of life, or continuing with life as he knows. The film stars: Stephanie Joy Porto (Also a St.Pete native), Cranstan Cumberbatch, and Co-stars the beautiful city of St. Petersburg and its one of a kind murals and landscape.