An Evening of Improvised Music

Featuring Sean Hamilton, Infinite Third, and Crux

Date(s) & Times

September 1, 2017

7:30 PM




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Red Circle Sponsors: Hal Freedman and Willi Rudowsky

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The Studio@620 presents an evening of live local improvisational and experimental music on September 1, 2017 at 7:30 PM. This evening will feature some of St. Petersburg's most eclectic aural offerings. Come expand your horizons!
Sean Hamilton's improvised compositions for solo drum set and electronics explore the coexistence of acoustic and electronic sounds in an improvisational setting. The computer interacts with the performer and creates material using random materials and sonic data obtained through microphones on the drum set.
Infinite Third features the guitar-based cathartic ambient music of Billy Mays, combining freeform textural harmonies with primal rhythms and pulsing grooves through endless layers of ethereal guitar, beatboxing, and electronic samples.
Crux is an acoustic improvising trio consisting of Florida musicians Alex Ravitz (bass clarinet) Thomas Milovac (bass) and Leo Suarez (drumset) who thoughtfully navigatinge the line between free jazz and chamber music.