American Nero

A Discussion With Authors Richard Painter and Peter Golenbock

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March 11, 2020

7:00 PM



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The Studio@620 will host authors Richard Painter and Peter Golenbock for a discussion based upon their recent publication "American Nero".
From Richard Painter, a senate candidate and law professor who served as White House chief ethics counsel under President George W. Bush, and New York Times bestselling author Peter Golenbock, American Nero is an in-depth exploration the rule of law—the legal bedrock on which this country was founded.

This is not a book about right vs. left —instead, it is about the rule of law, a principle that transcends partisan politics, and how vital it is to the survival of our country. This book serves as a call-to-action, looking ahead to a brighter future for our country, one where citizens and officials alike protect our rights and honor their responsibilities.

Timely and revealing, American Nero shares the lessons of history and lays the framework for returning to a society that respects the rule of law—an America that is consistent with our Founding Fathers’ vision of a genuinely free nation.