Purses & Passion Photo Exhibit

100 women, from all of walks of life, are bound together by a common thread - their purses - in a beautiful tapestry of images.


Purses & Passion

Reyna Abu Nawas

Reyna Abu Nawas

Flower shop owner

"It should be music, reading and the Caribbean, but it really is pleasing others."

Opens purse for:
"Others. Not myself. I've got enough."


Program Overview

Many women are passionate about their purses and many women will open their purses to give to their passion. The inaugural Purses & Passion events will combine these motivations to benefit those who need it most - the thousands of women and families served by the YWCA of Tampa Bay.

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The Exhibit

This beautiful tapestry of images of women and their purses will be captured by the YWCA of Tampa Bay YGirlS who are working alongside local professional photographers.

Women who work. Women with big hearts. Women with corner offices. Women of color. Women who nurture children. Women who paint. Women of fashion. Women who volunteer. Women with rough hands. Women in love. Women who grow flowers. Women who read. Women who speak their minds. Women who cook. Women who dance. Women of strength.

The Professional Photographers

Lara Cerri, St. Petersburg Times

Therese Hounsell, freelance photographer, photojournalism teacher at John Hopkins Middle School, The Arts Center Photo Corp

Marian Krauthamer, freelance photographer, The Arts Center Photo Corp

Lisa Presnail, South Tampa Photography, The Arts Center Photo Corp

Beth Reynolds, Photojournalist, Photography & Digital Imaging Coordinator of The Arts Center

The YGirls Photographers

Melrose Elementary & John Hopkins Middle School Students


Program Date & Time

6:00 - 9:00 pm


Free and open to the public.


YWCA of Tampa