All Diamonds are Blood Diamonds

A multi-media presentation on the future of Africa's resources and people.


Aisha Fields

Omavi Bailey

Penny Hess


Program Overview

Burning Spear Tours presents an evening with physicist Dr. Aisha Fields, independent media activist Omavi Bailey and author Penny Hess. You've seen the headlines - now get the whole story on diamonds and the battle over Africa's riches. Powerful video and still images convey the devastating impact of the diamond trade on African people. Lively discussion proposes innovative and positive solutions.

Dr. Fields coordinates the All African People's Development and Empowerment Projects, working with people throughout the African world to develop sustainable, renewable electrification and water purification programs in their communities. The projects seek to utilize the mineral and agricultural wealth of Africa to remedy the extreme poverty,
starvation and disease suffered by Africans worldwide.

Omavi Bailey is the Director of Burning Spear Media, an independent media collective representing the views and aspirations of the international African liberation struggle. Projects include the production of documentary and music videos, an online news service, community film schools and internet cafes throughout the African world to provide information access to all.

Penny Hess, author of "Overturning the Culture of Violence", has researched and written extensively on the economic and social development of the white world at the expense of African and other colonized peoples. As Chairwoman of the African People's Solidarity Committee, she has built political campaigns and economic institutions supporting reparations for African people.

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Program Date & Time

7:00 pm


$5-25 donation requested

Proceeds from this event support sustainable energy, clean water and independent media for African people everywhere.