cold october’s dying moonlight.
i give the night light reason

n exhibit of photography and word by Zacharia Thompson

cold october’s dying moonlight.  

Program Overview

cold october’s dying moonlight, or CODM, is an existential coming-of-age prose, from the perspective of a modern young man and his thirst for closure on the
being of existence. This story of a young man struggling to survive within his immediate surroundings, as well as the world itself, is a story that is universal to any reader, young adult or older, from every background.

CODM is the second chapter of a four chapter book titled, It can be so beautiful here. It can be so beautiful here, is the story of a twenty-four year old artist, three weeks shy of his twenty-fifth birthday, regretting a recent move to Florida from California, but unsure on how and when to move back due to his love for three different women.

There are four sections, or forms, in CODM. These forms are separated by black and white graphic illustrations and photographs used as transitions to depict the moon in different emotional states.

The Studio@620 will present Form 1 of the CODM chapter along with the photographic series titled, I give the night light reason. These photographs are black and white images of laundromats throughout St. Petersburg at and after midnight. The foundation of a city/town are not it’s citizens. People are a city’s energy and it’s life. Concrete, brick, wood and steel make a foundation; a substance for people to have a purpose. Every zip-code has it’s grocery store’s, gas stations, drug store’s, mom and pop restaurants... and laundromats.

I give the night light reason is a provocative portrayal of St. Petersburg’s quiet and sensible history of quaint foundations.



Program Date & Time

01/12/07 - 02/03/07
Tuesday - Saturday
12:00 - 4:00 pm

Opening Night
6:00 - 9:00 pm

Cash bar, dessert and coffee will be served.


Free admission. Donations appreciated.